Eclipse ADT Preferences


Eclipse preferences are an easy way to access and change configurations, look and feel of Eclipse. They are kept in one place and using them is a great convenience.

There are three popular ways in which Eclipse ADT preferences can be viewed and modified if required. All three ways have minor difference in the types of preferences they offer.

The most important ADT preferences can be checked in below diagram:

Eclipse ADT preferences

Using one of following ways ADT preferences can be accessed:

  1. Go to Eclipse Menu > Windows > Preferences(above diagram)
  2. Right Click on Project name which is present in Project Explorer > Preferences
  3. Right Click on Editor area > Preferences

As discussed earlier also, type of preferences available for change can different in these cases. e.g. If you need to set ATC(ABAP Test Cockpit) preferences, it should be available in the second way of preference access because ATC setting may change with Project/system to be accessed.

Some of the most important preferences which may be used by an ABAPer can be as follows:

  • Setting look and feel of Editor
  • ABAP templates: Some of the standard templates are available which can be accessed using same old way i.e. Ctrl + Space when typing them. Creation of custom templates is also possible which helps in quick aid during development. Do you remember “Patterns” available in classical GUI workbench where custom Pattern development was possible? ABAP templates can be used in a similar way.
  • Profiling: This is equivalent to classical SE30/SAT
  • SQL monitor: Works very similar to ST05 trace.


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