Using Classical GUI debugger from Eclipse


It is made possible to work with SAP Classical Debugger from within Eclipse. We don’t know whether this feature will sustain in long-term or not, however, it is present for now(for good).

This trick works for hard-coded breakpoint and should be used for Development environment!

Steps to be followed to use Classical debugger from Eclipse ADT:

  • Right Click on Project in Project Explorer
  • Click Properties
  • Go to ABAP Development > Debug > Enable Debugger(Checkbox)
  • Disable “Enable Debugger” Checkbox

  • Open the code to be debugged and write a hard-coded breakpoint in code e.g. BREAK <sap_user_name> or BREAK-POINT(not recommended).
  • Execute the Code/Transaction
  • Classical ABAP Debugger will open in new window. Start debugging and enjoy good old days.

Tip: If classical debugger looks strange, try to maximize the classical debugger windows and/or rerun the application.


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