ABAP Help with Eclipse ADT


Using ABAP help with Eclipse is, as expected, tightly integrated with ABAP backend server. ABAP documentation can be called from within Eclipse. For showing help content, Eclipse is equipped with a dedicated Help view.

Types of Eclipse Help:

  1. The F1 help of ABAP keywords: Select the keyword and press F1
F1 Help – In this case, F1 help is taken on SELECT SQL keyword
  1. Element help: Use F2 help on variables/elements for inline help
F2 Help – Here help is taken on custom CDS view
  1. Feeds proactive help: System messages e.g. ABAP runtime errors are delivered via feeds and can be accessed with Quick access box. This helps Developer to know dumps caused by his/her code.
An automatic Feed is reported to Eclipse to the developer if Dump’s code owner is developer


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