Eclipse Shortcuts


Why shortcuts are so important?

When you are in Rome, live like Romans.

That’s how work is done quickly with Eclipse. I suggest you better get a hang of it. Trust me, it is a lot of fun once you master it.

A quick start with Eclipse with shortcuts:

Taking Help:

F1 : ABAP keyword Documentation

F2 : Code element information

Ctrl + Shift + L : Shows all keyboard shortcuts

Working with Editor:

Ctrl + Shift + A : Open an ABAP object

Shift + F1 : Format/Pretty Printer

Ctrl + 6 : Comment / Un-comment

Ctrl + 1 : Quick fix suggestions

Ctrl + Space : Code completion

Ctrl + F2 : Syntax check of object

Ctrl + F3 : Activate an Object

Ctrl + Shift + F3 : Activate all objects

F8 : Execute object

Debug F5, F6, F7, F8 : Step into, Step over, Return, Resume

Alt + Left : Go back in history one step

Alt + Right : Go forward in history one step

Ctrl + Shift + G : Where Used List



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