ABAP Templates



What is ABAP Templates:

  • ABAP Design templates help programmers to create/modify standard as well as custom code/comment snippets
  • Every project follows certain design templates as per established coding standards
  • Design templates should be shared across the team and imported to the Eclipse of every developer and use them for different kind of coding constructs
  • ABAP templates complement the “Pattern” available in SAP GUI development workbench.


How to access ABAP templates:

ABAP templates can be Created new as per project convention, can be edited, removed, Exported and Imported.


Template Creation Steps:


  1. Click New button
  2. Enter Name of ABAP Template
  3. Enter Description of Template
  4. Enter Pattern
  5. Take help of Variables if contextual dynamic variables to be inserted in Pattern
  6. Click OK
  7. ABAP Template is created as below:


How to use ABAP Template:

  1. Open any code where template to be applied.
  2. Enter initial letters of Template and Press Ctrl + Space for auto assistance

3. Use arrow keys to select correct template and press Enter. Template is inserted as below:

Note: There are Import and Export options available to share and reuse templates across the team.



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