Cheat Sheet for Eclipse for ABAPers


These tips and tricks should help to kick-start with Eclipse ADT:

  • Run an application using Alt + F8 and no need to open SAP GUI
  • Use Ctrl + Shift + A to select and open an Object and no need to go to Project explorer or SAP GUI
  • For Version comparison of code, Use Right click on code > Compare with
  • Project properties (Right click on Project > Properties) and Eclipse global properties (Menu > Window > Properties) has differences in visibility of settings
  • There are a lot of differences between 7.4 and 7.5 versions, so don’t get confused if some functionalities are missing in Eclipse if they are not meant for 7.4
  • SAP GUI can be used inside Eclipse if there is no native Perspective/Editor present in Eclipse. This can be opened using Alt + F8(preferred) or Ctrl + 6
  • All shortcuts available in Eclipse can be checked using Ctrl + Shift + L
  • If you mess up with Editor layout (e.g. Close/minimize/maximize Editor and views) and don’t know how to retrieve old layout, use Menu > Windows > Perspective > Reset Perspective
  • Use Menu > Help > Check for updates for update Eclipse regularly. This provides latest and greatest features of Eclipse directly to developer
  • Quick Searching tip with Shift + Ctrl + A:

If only Search string is provided, many results may come.


Providing Object type along with Search String is a good idea as it further filters the search:




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