SAP HANA ABAP Interview Questions

HANA ABAP Interview Questions

SAP HANA ABAP Interview questions cover basics of ABAP HANA. You can use these Questions to check your knowledge level as well.

Question 1: What is Code Push Down? Answer: See bottom of the page

Question 2: What is the difference between Classic Open SQL and New Open SQL, in the context of ABAP? Answer

Question 3: What is the new syntax for Concatenation? Answer

Question 4: How can values be repeated in a programmatically created Internal table with new ABAP syntax? Answer

Question 5: What kind of Inline declaration is available with ABAP 7.5X? Answer

Question 6: What is VALUE expression and Value Chaining? Answer

Question 7: What is CONV operator and how it works? Answer

Question 8: What is LET operation with ABAP HANA? Answer

Question 9: What is alternative to READ TABLE statement? Answer

Question 10: What is FOR operator? Answer

Question 11: What is REDUCE operator? Answer

Question 12: What are BASE, CORRESPONDING, and MOVE-CORRESPONDING operators? Answer

Question 13: When GROUP keyword is used with LOOP statement? Answer

Question 14: Explain how new ABAP conversions simplify conversion and also good for performance? Answer

Question 15: What is CTE with ABAP HANA? Answer

Question 16: How can you do a case Insensitive search with SELECT query? Answer

Question 17: How do we escape a variable in ABAP SELECT statement? Answer

Question 18: Is it possible to do a database INSERT operation from within SELECT query? Answer

Question 19: How to do arithmetic calculation within SELECT query, Give examples? Answer

Question 20: How to concatenate two selected fields within a SELECT query? Answer

Answers for SAP HANA ABAP Interview Questions

Answer 1: Code Push Down is a technology which enables the application logic to be executed on the Database layer instead of the application layer.

e.g. Using a CASE statement within a SELECT statement (Check how!). In this situation, CASE logic is not required to be written in ABAP application layer logic. Thus, logic is executed on the database layer, so Code is Pushed down to the lower layer where HANA in-memory computing accelerates the execution.

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