SAP ABAP HANA CDS Interview Questions

Question 1: What is SAP CDS view? Answer

Question 2: Which three TADIR objects/artifacts are created on activation of a CDS? Answer

Question 3: How many types of CDS views are there? Answer

Question 4: What is Association and Path expression in CDS? Answer

Question 5: Can CDS view have a tabular parameter(as of ABAP 7.52)? Answer: No, CDS view takes only scalar parameters(till ABAP release 7.52)

Question 6: Is it possible to have optional parameters for CDS view? Answer

Question 7: What are Table Functions with CDS? Answer

Question 8: Name at least 2 CDS session variables? Answer

Question 9: Compare the performance of New Open SQL, CDS, AMDP and CTE? Answer

Question 10: Discuss best practices for using Code Push Down? Answer



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