HANA On-Premise and Cloud Compared

Understanding the difference between HANA On-Premise and HANA Cloud edition becomes very important when it comes to buying a HANA digital core from the SAP. Both versions differ in terms of function, cost and even how they are managed throughout their life-cycle.

SAP ABAP HANA CDS Interview Questions

Question 1: What is SAP CDS view? Answer Question 2: Which three TADIR objects/artifacts are created on activation of a CDS? Answer Question 3: How many types of CDS views are there? Answer Question 4: What is Association and Path expression in CDS? Answer Question 5: Can CDS view have a tabular parameter(as of ABAP 7.52)? Answer: No, CDS view … Continue reading SAP ABAP HANA CDS Interview Questions

Best Practices with Code Push Down in S4 HANA

Code Push Down is a very effective mechanism to improve the performance of ABAP code, however, the usage should be properly analyzed and planned. A developer generally has multiple options to use when hitting the database

Debugging @Eclipse

« Previous Index Next » Debugging is Eclipse ADT is a little different as that of Classical SAP GUI debugging. Eclipse provides a dedicated separate “Debugger Perspective” for debugging purpose. Debugger perspective, just like other perspectives, has many views for different purposes. Note: There is no need to open Debugger perspective separately as Eclipse runtime … Continue reading Debugging @Eclipse

Extended CDS View

« Previous Index Next » How Extended CDS view Works? Extended CDS view works very similarly to Extension of Transparent Table. The CDS is extended in Eclipse IDE by writing some code. It's very simple to understand the basics of CDS extension. So, Let's extend a CDS: Goto Eclipse > Right Click on Project > … Continue reading Extended CDS View