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ABAP HANA 7.51: Arithmetic Calculation

With ABAP 7.4+, it is now possible to do basic arithmetic calculation inside SQL query. Some arithmetic operations which are now possible are:

  • Addition,
  • Subtraction,
  • Multiplication,
  • Division, and
  • Calculating remainder value(MOD)

Apart from basic mathematical operations, new ABAP offers a good number of value-added bonus operations which make ABAPing faster and elegant. To name a few of them would be:

  • ABS(argument) – Gives absolute value of argument
  • DIVISION(argument1,argument2,DEC) – Result is division of argument1
    “by argument2 and rounded to DEC number of places
  • DIV(argument1,argument2) – Gives Integer part of Division operation
  • FLOOR(argument) – Provides just immediate smaller neighbor Integer
  • CEIL(argument) – Provides just immediate bigger neighbor Integer
  • DATS_ADD_DAYS(date1, dayCount,if_error) – Returns a date, dayCount days after date1
  • DATS_DAYS_BETWEEN(date1,date2) – Returns interval between 2 dates
  • COALESCE(argument1,….) – Returns first non-null argument
  • CONCAT_WITH_SPACE(argument1,argument2,) – concatenates
    “arguments with number of spaces provided in 3rd argument
  • CONCAT(argument1,….) – concatenates arguments, trailing blanks are not taken into account
  • LENGTH(argument) – Gives length of argument but ignores trailing blanks
  • LOWER(argument) – Converts the string argument to lower case

Sample Source Code:



The output will create an Internal table with four columns. Name of the fourth column will be ‘SEATSFREE’ and it will be a calculated value.



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