Embrace the New



There is a clear shift in ABAP. Not just ABAP, but the building blocks also on which future SAP will stand. HANA, UX, IoT, Machine Learning are some of the buzzwords which are renovating SAP. Functional and Technical aspects are changing like never before. Some of the evident changes are as below:

  • We clearly see transition from Statement Oriented programming to Expression-Oriented Programming
  • With introduction of HANA, ABAP is changing to make itself capable of Code Push Down which is one of primary offering of S4 HANA
  • Almost every code line yields a value
  • Code becomes shorter and easier to maintain
  • More Object-oriented hence more control over business logic
  • New Open SQL now more powerful than ever
  • Complements Eclipse. It is expected that new code will also work with ABAP Web IDE integration



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