New ABAP Conversions



ABAP HANA 7.51: New Conversions

New ABAP provides new types of conversions which are not only time saver but also performance tuned. Some of the most important conversions are Alpha conversion, Date/Time conversion, Number conversion etc.

Sample Source Code: ALPHA Conversion


Output: ALPHA Conversion



Two types of materials are used here viz. Material1 and Material2. Both Materials have only one difference that Material1 is provided without preceding zeros and Material2 is instantiated with preceding zeros. Irrespective of the Material, Alpha IN and Alpha OUT are same in both the cases.

This new syntax eliminates the use of Alpha conversion Function Modules.

Sample Source Code: Date Format


Output: Date Format


Conversion Explanation:

Date formats can be changed during printing using ISO, USER, and ENVIRONMENT types as per source code. User Date format can be changed in Owner’s settings. You may get a different output for User and Environment formats depend on the settings.

Date format for a User can be changed in Menu > Settings > User Profile > User Data > Defaults > Date Format.

Sample Source Code: Time Format


Output: Time Format


Conversion Explanation:

There are four Format variants available for Time format viz. Raw format, User format, Environment format, and ISO format. These can be easily printed or stored using conversion syntax provided by SAP.

Time format for a User can be changed in Menu > Settings > User Profile > User Data > Defaults > Time Format.

Sample Source Code: Case of Text


Output: Case of Text


Case Change Explanation:

The case of given text can be easily changed during printing. It can be printed in Raw format, in Upper case or Lower case by just mentioning the CASE of text to be printed.

Sample Source Code: Timestamp Fromats


Output: Timestamp Fromats viz. SPACE, ISO & Environment


Three formats for Timestamp are shown above viz. SPACE, ISO & Environment. They can be easily converted in formats by mentioning  “TIMESTAMP” parameter.

Sample Source Code: Number Format


Output: Number Format viz. User, Environment & Raw





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