CDS View with Join

« Previous Index Next » CDS view allows following types of Joins: 1. Inner Join: Inner join requires each row in the two joined tables to have matching column values, and is a commonly used join operation in applications but should not be assumed to be the best choice in all situations. Inner join creates … Continue reading CDS View with Join

Get Technical Flavor of CDS

« Previous Index Next » Before we further move to understand CDS in-depth, first we would like to understand the artifacts which support CDS view. When CDS is created, Developer needs to enter three artifact names which together work as a CDS. All three artifacts are created in the custom namespace and their name must … Continue reading Get Technical Flavor of CDS

Core Data Services (CDS)

Tutorial Content: Core Data Services(CDS) is one of the most important artifacts in new ABAP. It effectively helps to Code Push Down and improves performance. This is a Basic tutorial and just an overview of most important aspects! Introduction Get Technical flavor of CDS Types of CDS: CDS View Basic CDS View CDS View with … Continue reading Core Data Services (CDS)