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ABAP Doc can be used to provide developer documentation for ABAP source code development objects (like classes, interfaces, function modules, programs) within the ABAP source code by using ABAP comments.

Table Function with Parameters

« Previous Index Next » Let’s create a Simple Table Function right away… Steps to create and test CDS Table Function which is always created along with AMDP class method: Right Click on Project > New > Other > Data Definition Provide Package, CDS name, and Description and Click Next Select Package if Package is … Continue reading Table Function with Parameters

CDS with Optional Parameters

« Previous Index Next » In the previous Tutorial, we saw how a CDS view can be made input enabled. This opens a new set of Code Push Down possibilities in AS ABAP. SAP provides a limited way(till release 7.51) for CDS view to accept optional parameters. Optional parameters here mean that parameters are optional … Continue reading CDS with Optional Parameters

CDS View with Parameters

« Previous Index Next » CDS views now come with the request Parameterization where scalar parameters can be passed to a CDS view. CDS with Parameter is very similar to normal CDS with the addition of keyword WITH PARAMETERS followed by the parameter name and its type. Till ABAP version 7.51, structured or tabular parameters are … Continue reading CDS View with Parameters