Table Function with Parameters

« Previous Index Next » Let’s create a Simple Table Function right away… Steps to create and test CDS Table Function which is always created along with AMDP class method: Right Click on Project > New > Other > Data Definition Provide Package, CDS name, and Description and Click Next Select Package if Package is … Continue reading Table Function with Parameters

Table Function

« Previous Index Next » A Table function is an integral part of CDS evolution which challenges CDS to do more! It is essentially a Code push down mechanism just like a CDS entity. We call Table function a CDS Data Definition Language(DDL) which uses syntax DEFINE TABLE FUNCTION. Some salient features of table functions … Continue reading Table Function

Types of CDS views

« Previous Index Next » CDS view is evolving and new features are added with almost every technical release. Let’s try to understand most important types of Core Data Services without going into details. Of course, we are going to do a deep dive and will understand them one by one! CDS view Basic CDS … Continue reading Types of CDS views