SAP HANA ABAP CDS Interview Questions(11-20)

Question #11: What are the best practices which developers should keep in mind while using ABAP Core Data Services (CDS)? Question #12: How CDS controls Access with DCL(Data Control Language)?

CDS View on View

« Previous Index Next » CDS View on View is a concept where a CDS selects from other CDS. It may be a good Idea to create an Exposed association and then create another view(View on View) to select specifically the required fields. This is a good programming practice and enhances clarity with CDS programming! … Continue reading CDS View on View

Extended CDS View

« Previous Index Next » How Extended CDS view Works? Extended CDS view works very similarly to Extension of Transparent Table. The CDS is extended in Eclipse IDE by writing some code. It's very simple to understand the basics of CDS extension. So, Let's extend a CDS: Goto Eclipse > Right Click on Project > … Continue reading Extended CDS View

CDS View

« Previous Index Next »   CDS view is a mechanism for data projection and makes them semantically rich. There are slight differences between CDS views, Table Function and Abstract Entities where all of three can be defined using same Data Definition editor. CDS view Basic CDS view CDS View with Join CDS View with … Continue reading CDS View

Get Technical Flavor of CDS

« Previous Index Next » Before we further move to understand CDS in-depth, first we would like to understand the artifacts which support CDS view. When CDS is created, Developer needs to enter three artifact names which together work as a CDS. All three artifacts are created in the custom namespace and their name must … Continue reading Get Technical Flavor of CDS

Core Data Services (CDS)

Tutorial Content: Core Data Services(CDS) is one of the most important artifacts in new ABAP. It effectively helps to Code Push Down and improves performance. This is a Basic tutorial and just an overview of most important aspects! Introduction Get Technical flavor of CDS Types of CDS: CDS View Basic CDS View CDS View with … Continue reading Core Data Services (CDS)